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We are strategists aimed at helping businesses and fellow marketers. Our mission to to give businesses a voice in the digital world in hopes that they can grow beyond what they thought was possible. We also provide resources for fellow marketers in the space to allow them to expand their knowledge and use that to help their client base.

When MARKTN. started in 2017, it was simply a personal blog run by Founder, Tamara Tanney, to share her ideas and knowledge in the space. From there it grew, and grew, and you guessed it, grew. Today we are so much more than a blog. We help businesses grow (just like we did) through strategy, branding, and content creation. 

TL;DR –  we are strategists and creatives who do really cool and creative things.


Tamara Tanney

Hi, Tamara here! 

So, how did I get here? Funny enough, marketing never crossed my mind. I worked at a gym and was considering a switch in studies from Criminal Justice to Nursing. Being on my own and just getting by, I decided to get a second job. It’s here that I started my marketing journey, working as a social media coordinator at an insurance company in 2016. I quickly fell in love with marketing and continued to learn and grow within the space. From attended conferences to learning from mentors to taking online courses (all of which I still do), I did all I could to grow in the space.

Fast forward to now – I decided to start my own creative agency. Getting to do what I love everyday is such a gift. 

Feel free to connect with me on social media. I must warn you, I’m a talker!

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