We Rebranded: Here’s What’s New!

New look. New mission. New opportunities. 

Yes, we have rebranded! Out with the old, in with the new. We wanted to let you know so you aren’t hit with a wave of confusion when you come to the site or check our socials. 

Here is a little information about why we rebranded and what to expect from us in the future!

Why did we rebrand?

You ever have a really good idea and then down the road you’re like, well wait a second…I don’t know how I feel about that anymore?

While we loved the whimsical, pink look, it just wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Marketing Millennial started as simply a blog by Founder, Tamara Tanney, to share insights and knowledge on all things marketing. As it grew into something larger, it was time to change. We went with a more neutral and professional look that isn’t overly complicated.

The rebrand also goes beyond the look of MRKTN. (but we will talk about THAT later).

So, what’s new?

First and foremost, the most obvious change, the look (or as the cool kids say, lewk).

We changed (in terms of looks):

  • Our logo
  • Our banner on socials
  • Our website
  • Our name

We kept the look very simple and neutral. As much as we love pizzazz, we understand that not everyone wants that. In fact, sometimes people just want the simplest of things so they can get what they need in a convenient manner. 

In terms of our name, we are keeping the handle and URL the same, but changing the agency name to simply “MRKTN.” You will still see Marketing Millennial on our socials and it is what our URL will remain, however, you will begin to see MRKTN. more often.

TL;DR – everything.

What can we expect from MRKTN. in the future? Have the services changed?

A lot more! We look forward to taking on new clients and new projects and sharing more quality content. In terms of our services, yes, they have changed slightly.

From blog to digital to creative agency. We are creatives. We love all things creativity, social media, branding, all that fun stuff that helps businesses expand their reach and obtain a voice in the digital world. That’s why we decided to dedicate ourselves to that. 

What are we adding?

We will be offering creative, digital, and content strategies, business consulting, logo/social design, photography, and branding (on top of what we already do).

What are we no longer offering?

We will be bidding farewell to our SEO and video services. We want to focus strictly on branding. But hey, we might add them again in the future if we see demand for it. We like to listen to what our customers want. If you want it, we will deliver it!

Will you be expanding your team/location?

What’s great about working in the digital space is the ability to work remote. We want talent, not seat warmers. We want team members to make a living while still having a fulfilling life. That’s why team members work remote. We are, however, still based on Toronto! We are always looking to expand our team to help our clients and we love new talent. As open-minded creatives, we are always looking for new ideas and innovative individuals who want to break barriers and make changes like we do. Feel free to shoot the Founder an email if you are looking for an opportunity!
Thank you for being so patient with us as we rebrand. We are human and sometimes we just need to change things up. If you have any more questions about our rebrand or if you’re looking for branding for your businesses, shoot us a message on socials or fill out a form. We would love to hear from you!


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