Create, Commit, Captivate: Taking your YouTube Content Up a Notch!

YouTube is an entirely different place than it was 10 years ago. If we take a blast to the past, we can recall the days of poor camera quality, a mere handful of popular YouTubers, and of course who could forget, Charlie the Unicorn? In those days, YouTube wasn’t much of a career hub, but more so a place where creators could just, well, create!

Let’s fast forward to now and YouTube has become a powerhouse for a plethora of creators to generate significant income and create quality content. There are so many popular YouTubers it’s hard to keep track and the numbers continue to grow. With revenue being generated from ads, sponsored videos, and views, the ability to make money on YouTube is at an all time high. But before hoping on YouTube, trying to make a fast dollar, it’s important to devise a strategy and understand JUST what content will bring you to the top.

Looking to up your YouTube game or just start it all together? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to your content:

Obtain a good balance between creative, new content and trending content

Hop on YouTube and you will see a lot of videos following a similar trend. “_____ does my makeup challenge”, “letting the person in front of me decide what I eat challenge”, doing my makeup using only _____challenge”, and the list goes on and on. While doing your own rendition of these trends can help increase your visibility, it’s important to keep in mind a good balance between fresh and trending content.

Matthias, CEO of Hi5 Studios had this to say about finding a good content balance:

“I believe almost every topic or point of relevance has natural and constant trends if there is enough of an audience. The balance naturally depends on the projected value; If I have a channel all about Fortnite, then I’m definitely going to want to stay relevant and up to date with the constant flux of changes because that particular audience expects it. If the topic is something a little more stable such as “Leadership”, new techniques and ideas do surface, but not as often, so more original perspective or experience is most likely expected from the audience. The trick is to only make content about something you can fully lose yourself in so you understand it and what the audience expects to the point you don’t really need to strategize, you just work on your own inspiration. Become a fan and your instincts will guide you. “

Be passionate about what you put out there

It’s easy to go with the trends and do what is popular in the moment, however, viewers can see right through creators who aren’t passionate about what they are making. It’s quite easy to detect when someone just isn’t enjoying the content they are creating and that can be detrimental to the creator. When you’re passionate about something, more people will listen, even if it isn’t a current trend. Confidence and knowledge exuded through creative content will drive viewers and could help open the door to educating people on your niche.

Be consistent with your content

Like most things in life, adhering to a schedule can be extremely beneficial. In order to maximize growth on YouTube you have to put out a good amount of content. This doesn’t mean putting out a video every single day, but rather, adhering to an upload schedule that works for you. The more consistent you are with your content, the more viewers will look forward to the days you post. If you know a creator you like posts on Thursdays, you will be more inclined to remember and watch as opposed to just checking and wondering when they will upload. Set a day or days when you want to upload and stick to it. Start off small – 1-2 days and go from there if you want to put out more content. Consistency is key!

Educate yourself on YouTubes policies

Over the years, YouTube has acquired some stiff policies. We all remember the ad-pocalypse! YouTube has put these new rules and standards in place for a few reasons; to adhere to the integrity of the platform, to prevent any inappropriate content that may pose harm, to keep younger viewers/creators in the platform safe, to promote factual content and to keep content as family-friendly as possible. Due to an accumulation of events breaching these reasons, YouTube has instilled stricter guidelines for creators. While videos with a little pit of cursing may not be grounds for channel termination, they can cause demonetization (taking ads/any monetary gain off of a single video). This can be frustrating to creators, especially those who rely on YouTube as their main source of income. In order to avoid demonetization, flags, and quite possibly, channel termination, it’s essential to know and abide by the guidelines. Not sure what the guidelines are? No worries, you can check them out here!

Being a content creator on YouTube is a rewarding experience and can open up the door for endless possibilities. It is, however, a lot of work and requires a good level of patience. Being consistent and passionate while providing knowledge and entertaining to your audience is a winning combo for YouTube success!


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