4 Tools This Social Media Manager Swears By

The field of social media managing can get quite overwhelming when you start out. There are so many things to do, you may often wonder, “how can I possibly do all this?” or “How is that person doing it so well?”

Well, friends, there are no tricks or gimmicks, but there are some great tools that will improve your performance, content, and organization when it comes to social media marketing. The following tools are ones I utilize every day at work and let me tell you, they are lifesavers!



Let’s face it when you become a social media manager you are pretty much agreeing to be reachable and ready to post 24/7. There will be days I answer emails at midnight and there are also days I have to update posts while I am out. One thing I don’t have to do? Constantly post on SM. Yes, I spend a fair amount of time on social media because you have to engage of course, but I am not constantly on my phone posting new tweets or Facebook posts.

Hootsuite is a content calendar that allows you to schedule future content of various social platforms. You can schedule content months in advance and it really gets rid of the worry of, “omg, do I have any content going out today?”

Trust me, nothing feels better than knowing you have content scheduled for future dates (especially if you fall ill or you cannot make it to work!)

What areas this focuses on: Content Planning, Content Strategizing

What this helps with: Organization, Efficiency




Am I about to give away my secret as to how I make my images for my blog posts? Yes, yes I am. If you are a blogger or perhaps just tired of utilizing Shutterstock photo after Shutterstock photo (no offense to Shutterstock, please don’t hate me), Canva can really help you out.

A huge part of creating images that will captivate an audience is size. Because we live in a world where people are more inclined to follow visual content, it is imperative you ace that! Canva allows you to pick templates according to the platform and the ideal size for their images. Within those templates are even more templates and there are a plethora of customization options. It’s mainly free with the exception of some images/templates you have to pay for but the most I’ve ever paid for one was $5.

What areas this focuses on: Graphics, Design, Visual Creation

What this helps with: Social Media Images, Content Creation



A huge part of the job is finding relative individuals and content you can engage with and learn from. This can often get quite time consuming, which is where Buzzsumo comes in! Buzzsumo is great for finding relative topics/individuals! For example, if you want to find more digital marketing content, you would type that in and Buzzsumo will generate a bunch of relative articles including their links and a number of shares the article has across the platform.

Another great feature is how the filters work. You can filter by country, date, language, and even word count! If you find you are having trouble finding relative content you want to engage with, share, or even learn from, or if you find it to be too time consuming, give Buzzsumo a try! The name makes me think of bees and sumo wrestlers,  but I promise you it’s a helpful tool!

What areas this focuses on: Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Social Engagement

What this helps with: Finding Relative Users/Topics, Engagement





I’m going to keep it real, I get lazy sometimes- I am a human being, okay? Aside from the odd times I get lazy, I have those days where I seem to just make (and miss) so many errors when writing a post or an article. Lucky for me, I stumbled across Grammarly.

How does it work? It’s like a less annoying version of auto correct! Grammarly picks up on both spelling and grammatical errors, underlines them for you, and gives you the option to fix them or simply ignore them. If you are a blogger, a content creator, a social media manager, or all the above, I suggest this big time! We are all humans, we all make mistakes. Now we just have great technology that helps us out a bit!

What areas this focuses on: Content Creation, Writing

What this helps with: Writing Skills



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