Why Video Marketing?

No matter what social platform you are browsing, chances are, you will stumble upon a video. Why? Video is all the rage right now! While some platforms such as Youtube have been all about videos since the dawn of time, other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are now stepping into the world of videos. No matter what message is being conveyed, you can put it into video form and create some great content.

So, why is video marketing so important?

From a users perspective, it’s simple. Videos convey the message whilst implementing a visual aspect to it. This tends to be more engaging, of course. In this fast paced world, many people would rather watch a quick video explaining something as opposed to reading about it. There is a deeper connection when it comes to videos between the poster and the user- you can sense the genuine presence of the person or the content they document.

From a marketers perspective, it allows you to expand your reach to those on video centric platforms. It also allows you to showcase who you really are and your capabilities in the world of videography. Video content is certainly a trend marketers need to jump on and fast. With digital media and marketing evolving so quickly, it is imperative you jump on the opportunity fast.

How do I create captivating video content?

There are so many forms of video content, it’s impossible for one method to work for everyone. Everything from action videos, to vlogs, to interview type videos; all require their own methods, however, there are some aspects that remain the same throughout.


This is certainly a no-brainer! Quality is essential when producing video content. There are no longer excuses for heavily pixelated videos, sorry! Video marketing does involve a lot of investing, more so than most aspects of marketing, but the better the quality of videos, the better the insight, and the better the return! If you are just starting out, there are certainly some cheaper options that deliver great quality that won’t make your wallet hate you.

Audio also falls into this category. Nothing is worse (aside from those darn pixels) than barely being able to hear the actual focal point of the video. Whether you are vlogging, creating live action, or interview style, there are many microphones you can purchase that will enhance the sound quality of your video. Trust me, once you hear the difference a good microphone makes, you will never go back to those awful sound quality days!

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Again, another no-brainer. When you are creating a video, you want to ensure the content provides value, entertainment, and a message. Reading off a script the entire time is a big bore, but you want to ensure you have some strategy in tact. Jot down key points and have a clear idea of what your video will be about, and what will be said and done. Videos should generally fall between 5-10 minutes, depending on the content type. You want to ensure you have enough time to actually say/do what you have to, yet you don’t want to create a short film!

What platforms should I be utilizing video marketing on?

Short answer, any platform that has it. Like I said, videos are all the rage right now because they provide a ton of engagement but do not require a lot of work from the user (because a lot of people find reading to be a chore, sadly). Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for posting video content and acquiring a decent reach. If you are looking to start somewhere else, creating shorter visuals, Snapchat is a great place to be. Of course, if you are ready to conquer the video world in its entirety, give YouTube a try!

So again, why video marketing? And to that I say…why not video marketing? Okay, sorry that was corny. In all seriousness, visual content is quickly taking over. Even as I sit here writing this blog post, I’m thinking about how I can translate it into video form and potentially reach a larger audience. Although video marketing is time-consuming and can be costly, the return is well worth it!


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