So, you want to become a digital marketer?

A decade ago, the only digital jobs available were strictly for those gifted in the IT department. Fast forward to now and there are a plethora of jobs available in the digital world! Everything from freelancing, to blogging, to website and content creation, and of course, digital marketing!

The field of digital marketing is growing at an extremely fast pace. Every brand and every business wants a social presence, ergo, they need an individual or a team to aid them in creating said reputation.

Interested in becoming a digital marketer? Here are some things you need to know to help you go into the role with confidence and shine!

What in the world is digital marketing, anyway?

Okay, let’s set something straight. If you are going into a role, you probably should know what it entails! Digital marketing is when businesses and brands use various digital mediums to maximize their reach. It’s an umbrella term for any type of communication that derives from the digital world. Let’s focus on what makes up a larger portion of the world’s digital marketers, social media coordinators.

What do digital marketers/social media coordinators do?

There is a common misconception that us social media coordinators get paid to sit at a desk and tweet all day. While, yes, a part of our jobs is posting on various social platforms, there is a lot more to it. As a SMC/DM, you can single handed-ly skyrocket a brand in either direction. One amazing post can bring your brand/business in a ton of reach and/or profit or it can tarnish the reputation of the brand/business. You aren’t just responsible for putting content out there, you are responsible for knowing what content to put out there on what platform and determining how your audience may react. Here are a few things social media coordinators/digital marketers do:

  • Share, post, schedule appropriate content on the appropriate site (i.e. what works on Facebook may not work on Twitter).
  • Knowing and reviewing site analytics. This is crucial because it allows you to see what is working and what isn’t.
  • Knowing what SEO is and how it works- because you ultimately want content to be easily accessible to a larger audience!
  • Content creation (graphics, videos, articles, etc.)
  • Social listening
  • Implementing new social strategies
  • Online customer service
  • Running a plethora of social accounts and ensuring you remain active and consistent on them all
  • Paid ads/Dark posts
  • Google ads

What skills do I need to become a digital marketer?

The good thing about digital marketing is there is always room for learning! Whether you’ve been in the game for years or it’s your first time, you will always learn something to develop and enhance skills. Great skills to develop/enhance are patience, organization, confidence, and consistency.

Being patient is extremely important in digital marketing because results typically do not happen over night. A lot of people fail because of lack of patience. They expect everything to go viral or obtain a lot of reach and when it doesn’t, they give up. The objective with social media is not to go viral or get more followers than everyone, it is to keep a professional reputation for the brand/business and generate ROI.

Organization and consistency go hand and hand, and I cannot stress how important they are! Some social media coordinators are responsible for 20+ platforms and with no organization, that’s a disaster waiting to happen! I run quite a few social platforms for various businesses/brands and using a tool such as Hootsuite really helps me manage and keep track of all the platforms. Hootsuite allows you to schedule, post, and view all your platforms in one place, and let me tell you, you will thank me later for that! 😉

In the words of Demi Lovato, whats wrong with being confident? Okay, I’m sorry, that was corny, but also very true! Digital marketers and social media coordinators have to be confident. You have to be willing to push the envelope and try new things. If you have an idea that you think will work, try it out! You never know what will happen. DM is a lot of trial and error and as long as you aren’t doing anything extreme that can seriously damage the reputation of the brand/business, the floor is yours!

Is one of my objectives to make posts go viral?

No, no, no, no, no. If it happens, awesome, but do not make it an objective. Do not focus all your time and energy on that because the truth is, it’s a rare occurrence.

How much time do I need to dedicate to my work?

Oh, boy! Just know, social media never sleeps. I always have my phone with me wherever I go and I always ensure I have access to all the social handles. I’m not saying you are constantly working day in and day out, but it’s certainly not a 9 to 5 job. Some days I work 4 hours, some days I work 10. You have to be very committed as a digital marketer/social media coordinator and you always have to be prepared to respond to an email, post something, or review something!

How much money will I make?

I’m sure 99% of us consider the pay when applying for a new job or finding a new career path. Not to sound materialistic, but money is important. It’s relative to every brand/business, your qualifications, and your actual role (intern, entry-level, manager, director, etc). I figured I would throw in some numbers to give you a general idea, courtesy of PayScale!

  • Entry-Level Digital Marketing Manager Avg. Salary: $52,921 CAD
  • Digital Marketing Specialist Avg. Salary: $48,910 CAD
  • Digital Marketing Manager (experienced) Avg. Salary: $62, 215 CAD
  • Marketing Director Avg. Salary: $86, 217 CAD
  • Social Media Manager/Coordinator Avg. Salary: $44, 634 CAD

Do I need a degree or experience?

As previously stated, it’s relative to the business you are applying to. Some require only experience, some require a university degree, whilst others require both. Typically, companies require a candidate to have at least a college diploma. Just like a majority of jobs, the more experience you have and the more education, the more likely your chances are to land the job! A great thing to do is start an internship whilst you’re in school! That way when you finish your degree or diploma, you will not only have that but experience as well!


Being a social media coordinator/digital marketer is a lot of work, but if you put a lot of passion into what you do, you will enjoy it so much! I hope this helps my future digital marketers on your journey into the digital marketing world! 


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