Marketing. Without the rocket science.

(unless you are in fact a rocket scientist, which in that case – marketing with A LOT of rocket science).

Who we are

Brand strategists focused on helping businesses grow and a resource hub for marketers to expand their knowledge in the field. 

Why we are

The world wide web holds a lot of power and we believe in the importance of having a voice within. We want to help amplify that voice for everyone!

Where you are

Looking to grow your online presence? Want to make a difference? Want to be seen and heard? Whether you have an online presence already or not, we can help!

How it starts

It’s as simple as reaching out and it all starts with you. No sales pitches. No contracts. No unnecessary fluff.  We work with YOUR business goals in mind.

Why digital marketing?

Have you ever just shouted out something really interesting in an empty room? Probably not. I mean, why? You could say the most interesting thing known to humans, but if no one is around to hear it, just how effective is it?

Digital marketing can help you, not only find your brands voice, but help connect you with the audience who wants to hear all you have to say. 

TL;DR – stop shouting in empty rooms, you’re scaring the ghosts.

Imagine. Create. Share. Inspire.

When it comes to creativity, the possibilities are limitless. We will help you bring your ideas to life. 

Stay Up To Date With Industry News

We aim to deliver the latest industry news to keep you up to date. 

For marketers, our blog can help you create a better experience for your clients and always ensure you have a current, trend-setting strategy.

For businesses, our blog can give you an insight into just what we do and how our efforts work to help you. 

Let Us Know How We Can Help


Having a consistent and powerful brand is the key to a good online presence. From design to tone to content, we craft the optimal brand for your business.


Content is king (or queen!). We can create casual, laid-back blog content, SEO/technical pieces, even copy for your website/socials.


Proper planning is essential before execution. We work with you to create strong digital, social, and creative strategies.

About Us

Marketing Millennial (MRKTN.) was created in 2017 for the sole purpose of educating others in the marketing field and all it has to offer. Today, it is dedicated, not only to those in the field, but brands and businesses as well. We aim to help brands/businesses in expanding their online influence, authority, and profit.

Read more about the Founder here!

Our Mission

Our Mission is plain and simple. We aim to help brands/businesses better connect with their audiences, vice versa. Told you, plain and simple!


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